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Entertainment unlimited.

Ours is a business of entertainment. We tap into the pulse of the consumers’ complex yet intriguing world. Bringing out stories that connect with their souls. Crafting authentic, immersive experiences that resonate with their way of life. To serve our ultimate purpose of creating the extraordinary together.

We draw inspiration from our audience, their tribulations and triumphs, their beliefs and cultural nuances. Showcasing extraordinary journeys through a million screens. Weaving the fabric of everyday lives of households in nearly every continent.
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We are ushering in next-gen entertainment. Empowering our consumers with more choice, more freedom and more access. Unlocking extraordinary experiences across platforms, regions and languages.
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We believe in making high-impact films that transcend languages, genres and formats. Strong scripts, defining characters and differentiated storytelling set us apart.
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Our library of chartbusters is vast and ever-growing. We curate soul-stirring film songs and fresh originals that have the potential to reshape the Indian soundscape.
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Providing a definitive window into the way we think, decide or act. Building on our collective expertise, experience and wisdom, to evolve into a company that sets benchmarks.

Infusing different perspectives

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Defining policies to safeguard our present and future

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Ensuring utmost transparency. Elaborating every detail, to reflect on who we are and the extent of our impact.

Turning the lens on our numbers

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Providing deeper insights into our businesses

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Not just staying ahead, but redrawing the curve itself. Unifying all things ZEE into a single ecosystem. Driving a more synergistic revenue engine.

Creating an integrated content engine

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Braving the new.
Inventing the next.

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Committing to something bigger than ourselves. Restoring and strengthening our brand equity.

Rolling up our sleeves for shared progress

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Inspiring everyone to be the best they can be. Taking on adventures and challenges that will tap into our entrepreneurial spirit and help shape entertainment globally.

Being the sky to a thousand stars

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Cherishing our roots and dreams

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Caring about one another's safety and wellbeing

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